This is how simple and flexible mobility can be.

From C-S: Access to the latest Mercedes-Benz models.

With Mercedes me Flexperience you have access to the latest Mercedes-Benz models. You choose one of the two categories to start off with and can then use all vehicles in that category for a fixed monthly fee. You can of course also book vehicles in another category. Depending on the category, a daily fee is then charged where applicable.

100% mobility, 0% effort.

Variety without the stress. You don't have to worry about anything thanks to the Mercedes me Flexperience service: taxes, comprehensive insurance*, seasonal tyre change, warranty repairs as well as maintenance are all included in the monthly fee.

Simple, digital and quick: booking via the app.

Search, find, plan and book: with the mobile app you can quickly and easily manage your Mercedes me Flexperience vehicles.

You can also find detailed rental history, an overview of the monthly costs as well as vehicle data such as fuel level and mileage in the app – the perfect overview so that you always have an eye on everything.

Service and support: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please refer to the general terms and conditions for the entire list of countries and possible geographical restrictions.

We are here to help. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year . In case of an accident, our reliable Mercedes-Benz Service is there to help. (Tel.: 8-800-200-02-06).

A specialist at Mercedes-Benz Russia AO is also available with fast and reliable assistance (during the opening hours) for any questions and requests you may have regarding Mercedes me Flexperience.

Book and use Mercedes me Flexperience. This is how it works.

Select category

Select category

Full access to the digital fleet now. Premium or Luxury: Choose one of the two categories – in line with your mobility needs – and pick your Mercedes-Benz vehicle straight away after concluding the contract.

Conclude contract

After you have decided on a package you conclude a contract with Mercedes-Benz Russia AO. On the Mercedes me Flexperience Website you can see all the available vehicles.

Book vehicle

You now have access to the Mercedes me Flexperience world. Select your first vehicle of choice – you can change vehicles up to 11 times during the year.

Do you require some variety? Here you will have your own digital fleet.

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