Mercedes me Flexperience

Fixed monthly price for 12 cars per year: Mercedes-Benz for every life circumstance.

Mercedes me Flexperience - is the subscription program that offers you to become an owner of 12 Mercedes-Benz per year with a fixed monthly price.
VAN for a long trip with friends, luxury cabriolet for warm summer, powerful SUV for difficult winter roads – with Mercedes me Flexperience you become an owner of range of luxury cars. Choose the Mercedes model that best suits you and your current needs flexibly per app.

The best of everything

Latest models of Mercedes-Benz. Choose in Mercedes me Flexperience.
Latest models that are no more than 6 month old and in full complete set – always at your service with Mercedes me Flexperience.
A monthly rate including taxes, comprehensive insurance*, maintenance and warranty repairs.
What could be easier: manage your carline around the clock via app smartphone app for iOS and Android. It is straightforward and convenient.
Our around the clock service - anywhere, any time. Should you nevertheless have an issue, the Mercedes-Benz Service (Tel.: 8-800-200-02-06) is available across Russia 24 hours a day, 365 days a year*.

Models and prices

Two categories, one package price and guaranteed flexibility: vehicles from higher classes can be booked at just a day upgrade fee.

Do you want some variety? Here you will have your own digital fleet.

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What our customers say

"The idea of rotating the models is really quite fascinating. You can drive an estate as a family car and then if you want something sporty that can be done as well. So there's significantly more flexibility than with the usual purchase and leasing options, which tie you down for a few years."
Pilot customers at Mercedes me Flexperience in Bochum
"[…] this is exactly my kind of thing. When you buy the cars, you might own them but after a period of time they are old and there's huge depreciation. Even with leasing you are no longer driving a new car after 1 or 2 years."
Pilot customers at Mercedes me Flexperience in Bochum
"It's really practical if you can always choose the right car for various situations..."
Pilot customers at Mercedes me Flexperience in Bochum
"I was looking for a new car anyway. But if I hadn't come across Mercedes me Flexperience, I would never have thought of taking a look at Mercedes vehicles. Now I enjoy driving around in a very comfortable and very well equipped car. [...] And with Mercedes me Flexperience you always have the latest model."
Pilot customers at Mercedes me Flexperience in Münster
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